Thursday, September 25, 2014

Something wicked this way comes...

I don't have a hastily-photoshopped image of Qwadsworth as a cheerleader riding the Georgia Bulldog yet.  But I should.  What can I say; it's been a long season, and with all of these 100 miler wins that Qwadsworth has racked up, I'm pretty worn out.  

I'll try to get that up and running in the next few months though.  

I also don't have a race report, strava file, or heart rate data to share from the 18 Hours on the Farm from last weekend.  Again, tired.  So tired.  

What I do have, however, is a firm date for The Paranormal.  

The Paranormal will be November 1, 2014.  

Before you start bitching about mountain bike racing in the month of November, or the fact that Halloween is actually in October, or how exhausted you are from winning all of these races on a singlespeed, consider this:

Halloween actually falls on a Friday this year, Oct 31 2014.  So The Paranormal is Saturday, November 1st, the day after Halloween.  Set aside, for a moment, all the benefits that racing for 6 hours can deliver when fueled by candy corn and mothballs the you scored the night before, ignore the ideal set up of free cheap Saturday night beer to compliment the load of rich Pumpkin porter you had on Friday, and consider this fact alone:
You can pretty much put on your slutty pirate costume on Thursday when you get home from work, sauce it up a little, and roll it straight into Sunday without ever having to change.  


Music accompaniment, shit talking, keg selections, predictions, and bikereg link coming soon.  
Giddyup, up, up.  


  1. Sadly the cowboy will not be present this year, except in spirit. Have a cold one for me!

  2. Will miss you, Steven. Who am I going to embarrass this year when I do my usual crossdressing costume?