Thursday, June 12, 2014

Full June Moon

I think most of the things I like best about being a mountain biker at night are the ones you come across out there in the periphery.  Mountain bike trails, campgrounds, gravel roads, and the places you tend to end up at night on two fat tires are generally at the edge of reality, sometimes just over that edge.

A little such experience from a recent trip over the mountain.  Video Courtesy of the Giro Godfather himself.  To clarify, you're viewing a slightly unstable, intoxicated, shirtless, shoeless, toothless, Sherando local welding a roll cage for his go-cart in the middle of the night in his garage while rocking out to Bon Jovi.  The video is a little unclear because, as you might expect, we kept our distance - not necessarily out of fear, but certainly out of respect for the two different worlds that sometimes nudge up against each other out there where the trail ends.  It was a powerful experience for me.

Thematically, and while I'm lifting stuff off of YouTube, a little Mike Doughty to set the mood for what's next.
Tonight at about 12:30 AM or so is the Full June Moon.  Technically, it's the strawberry moon if you subscribe to such things.  And since it's the full moon closest to the Summer Solstice, it's the brightest night of the year (well, technically it's the brightest 24 hours of the year.)  Storms not withstanding, because this weather pattern we find ourselves in is admittedly a little dark, it'll be a good night to be out and about.

Departing from out here at the Rancho Relaxo at 8 PM if there are any takers for such action.  Pointing it West.  Seeking that edge.

Up, up, up.

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