Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Up, down, up, down down...

Not much in the way of riding and blogging here over the last few weeks, mostly because there hasn't been much in the way of riding or blogging.   The non-riding forces of the world have conspired against me, a few of those forces being:

UVA hoops on TV
Trail work
Regular Work
The Boomtown Metropolis known as Toledo,Ohio
More Work
And now, the most recent saboteur, a hurt back.

I'll spare you the long-winded explanation (I would likely get out of breath), but basically, this is my current state of exercise and fitness:

But, enough of all that, I'm turning the proverbial corner and swinging a leg back over the bike today, tomorrow, and hopefully Saturday, provided I don't tear something and spill my stuffings all over the floor.  Which is 50/50.

Other people, though, have certainly been on it.  Qwadsworth, in particular not only has his winter shit together on the bike, but his writing has come a long way as well.  So tune in over there, I beg you, at least for a little while so that Winnie the Pooh and I can attempt to cobble some semblance of fitness back together before it's "race season," whatever that is.
Because a boy's gotta have a role model, and let's face it, his options around the house are a little limited these days.  
Notably, on the subject of racing, this just in from Marky Mark:
The O’Hill Meltdown is March 22nd There are two open categories that do not require a USAC license. All other categories require an annual or day of license. Really hope to see many locals out there!  Also, I've developed a really terrible case of crabs, and I'm looking for home-remedy ideas so I don't have to face my doctor again.  Hit me up off list if you have any questions.  

So, if you've got the early season legs, or some gasoline, there's that opportunity for you, which is nice.

Also, as you may not know but probably do and will be annoyed that I'm re-posting this here because you've seen it about 100 times already, the bike swap is this weekend at BRC.  You'll note that they called it a "velo" swap over there on big blue, which is French for "insanely cheap, solid gear, so don't miss out."

The French.  Love them or hate them, but you gotta admit: that creep can roll, man.

Eye on the prize, sports fans, however small that prize may be.

Up, up, up.

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