Thursday, March 13, 2014

Until there's sun, at least there's the moon.

Sunny days and warm temperatures have returned, but take heed; Ol' man Winter giveth and he taketh away.  And this Winter, he's a greedy bastard.  The Worm moon - the last full moon of winter - will be high in the sky for a night ride tonight (though not technically peaking until Saturday.)  And C-ham, though many times frostbitten and hypothermic, still has one good, frozen, 20-something degree night ride left in him before we bid adieu to this winter and move on into Spring (or amputate a few of his toes.)

So let's do it.  The forecast is for clear skies and 29 degrees at 8 PM.  Shooting for 1.5 hours of Frozen, snow free, Flo Lakes singletrack.  Precise meeting location TBD, so if you're in, say so, and I'll get you the coordinates and pack you some extra socks.  

Up, up, up.  

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