Friday, September 20, 2013

The only two excuses for missing the Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge

Here we are, edging up on a fortnight after the Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge came, succeeded, and went, and I'm just now getting around to covering it as old news, which is on par with who I am, what I do, and how I ride these days:  slow.

But if you're not in the know, surf your Friday-work-avoiding browser of choice on over to big blue, or check the local coverage, or just ask around and you'll likely hear the same thing:
1)  The whole scene kicked ass.
2)  Rowan beat all of Fortuna, Panza-Boonen, and even Ben King across the finish line, not once, but six times, presumably because he sampled a little too far into the finish line beverage selection on his first trip to the podium.

not really sure who to credit for this photo other than the B's and the G's themselves.  But nice show.  
Sticking with my belief that if you're looking for accurate coverage of any such event, you should not seek it here, (albeit a local one that I could have been way more on top of) - I'll henceforth trail off with a lack of real detail.  But I do urge you to show up next time.  In fact, the only two real excuses for missing the ride this year were:
1)  I got shitfaced at the Taylor Swift concert on Saturday night and lost my car which happened to have my bike parked on top of it.
2)  I volunteered/supported it in some other way.
Left to right, good people making the world a little better.  

And though I don't know Ms. Swift's schedule 357 days in advance, I suspect she won't be back on the eve of this fine event next year, thus narrowing your list of potential excuses to just one.

The world is run by the people who show up, up, up.

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