Friday, September 13, 2013


Here's a little lesson in physics for you, kids:

Trunks like the one on the right here:
Photo: Quad off.

will get you more of this:
And this...
Photo: 2nd place today at Shiners Revenge 6 hour . Big thanks to Eric O'Connell and Bethany O'Connell for putting on a great event! Thanks to Paige Puckett-Hall for the hard work in the pits!
and even a little of this, which is not quite as vertically superior, nor is it wearing teal shorts, but it's still pretty remarkable:
and this...

and just so I don't sound repetitive, this:
Photo: Gordon gettin' all excited.

On the off chance (and very poor choice) that you get your bike racin' news here, I'll summarize that by saying Quadsworth has been up on the box a time or two these past few weeks.  It occurred to me - in a sort of embarrassing and yet mathematically inevitable way - that he actually gets on the podium more than I write on this blog which is actually not that much necessarily, but as a matter of podium finishes, it's quite a lot.

So congrats, Gordon.  We are very proud of you.  Not so proud as to prevent me from hastily, shoddily photoshopping a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger's body on top of your gigantic manlegs atop the SM100 podium, mostly as an artistic experiment in proportions (that went quite well), but still, really, profoundly proud.
Now my skills in photoshop might be pretty basic.  And my time to actually use photoshop is minimal.  But you can't argue the proportional relevance.  

Yeah, OK, you can.  But that's physics for you.

Get in the squat rack or get the hell out of the way.

Up, up, up.

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