Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Damn, that's a cold ass honkie

18 days until Pantani Ride 2013, and the cold has officially snapped.  This, I'm told, it's what separates the proverbial wheat from the barley, or something like that, and dudes who have ambition get out and train anyway, and those who don't, don't.  Weather like this makes for a nice clean split in the peloton on Pantani day once we hit wesley chapel on the way to Fox Mtn.  Rest assured I'll see you on the barley side of that split when the time comes. 
Maybe not on the barley side of the breakaway this year: my bro Shawn T.  At first, I ignored rumors of him training and racing this year as just ballyhoo around the shop.  Then I started to see some tracks here and there on the local goods, and he registered for SM100, and he put in a couple 4+ hour days back to back, and then I looked up one afternoon and saw him ride past my window not once, not twice, but thrice in what appeared to be sub 35 minute paranormal laps back to back to back.  And I have to admit, he whipped by in the way he used to. 
So yeah, training.  As a little prep, C-Ham and I went out on Sunday morning and rode the whole course, not exactly winning time fast, but not bad either - and my legs hurt until Wednesday morning.  So I guess that means something,though I can't really say what.  What's more, it's a strava segment now, albeit a really infrequently traveled, rarely noticed, 48 mile segment with, like most things strava, no women involved. 
 And while we're talking details, maybe we can talk registration - which there isn't - but there is a facebook page with some really dangly, half-assed commitments and some jawwing about this and that.  42 riders so far, which means almost nothing really. 
But this is beautiful:
While I'm no contender, my hope is that this setup will at least help my chances of being a Pantani Ride survivor ;) Last weekend I tossed a 11-34 9spd cassette and 42c tubeless tires on the Dragon.
Robert Issem's Pantani Ride Machine
 Now I don't know Robert, at least I don't think I know Robert (if I do, sorry, Robert) but with a bike like that I feel like I know Robert. She's a beaut, let 'er rip. 
Other talk of carpools, rental bikes, tire selection, and things that I don't understand are happening there on facebook.  So if you can't find the info here, which you probably can't, maybe try the great pillar of reliable information that is Facebook, and if that doesn't work either, just show up on Feb 10th and it'll probably work itself out, whatever it is. 
Up, up, up.


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