Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blog, I've been bad to you.

Blog, I've been bad to you.  Nary a post since election day.  The shame I feel is sharp, deep, and it lingers, and I know I've let you down.  Look, you and I haven't really been on the same page these last couple of months.  Holiday stress, lots going on at work, and, I can't continue to lie, there's another Blog that I've been seeing.  But that's OVER.  It meant nothing.  Plus, that blog started to get comfortable and put on some weight and so that was pretty much that.  So I'm still here.  And I'm ready to be a part of your life again, OUR life again, Blogsie.  Let's at least commit, you and me (mostly you) to let me back in again, and I know that I'll try to not let you down too much again very soon or at least be honest about it when I need to take a 2 month hiatus in Belize with some saucy, tarty little blog-minx that's like hellfire in the sack at first but that, in the end, doesn't compare to you.  Because I love you.  What do you say?

Besides, in 6 weeks:

We've got an interview to falsify. 
We've got a race to run. 

Up, up, up and onward. 

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