Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paranormal Hyperactivity

Round these parts, round this time of year, things start to get a little weird.  Dudes dress like women, women dress like witches, superheroes and superheroines don their capes, and boys grow into men.  And everybody races.  Generally speaking, it's the most fun and/or the most pain you can tolerate on a Saturday evening just before Halloween, your pick. 

The Paranormal - likely the most unruly, dangerous start in the VORS series.  Light swordplay encouraged. 

The Paranormal.  This Saturday.  Register.  Pre-rides tonight and tomorrow night, under a waning moon that should be nigh-gone enough by Saturday eve that it'll be darker outside than the inside of a cow.  Pack some knee warmers and charge your shiny stuff.  The competition is heating up.  My picks? 

Solo Men - Heretofore still unregistered, dark horse C-Ham, fresh off a brilliant 8 hour performance in Tennessee.  Skinny enough for sympathy and on home turf.  Unbeatable as long as he doesn't beat himself. 

Solo Women - Laura Hamm threw down 8 monster laps last year, every one of them while wearing a green tutu.  If she shows up again, ladies, I'd recommend you mark her.

Duo? - Registrations continue to pour in there, and it's a little difficult to determine who is actually paired with whom, but it's safe to say there are a lot of people on that list already who aren't slow.  Lindbloom.  Gonyo.  Our manchild whit zirkle.  Up and comer Chris Keeling paired with veteran endurance Jedi, Pete Hufnagel?  Or the wagonwheeled pairing of Quadsworth and Catlett?  Maybe none of the above.  Rumors of a faster team lurking in the dark are unsquelchable, and until the final word from Rocktown arrives to BRCR headquarters via smoke signal from the West, betting will not commence.  But this will be a race to watch. 

On a personal note, you won't see me on the front.  At least not for long.  Getting away from the normal levels of paranormal falltime hyperactivity, I've been pushing the limits of paranormal inactivity.  So we'll have to wait and see what kind of result that spits out on Sat eve. 

What I have been doing a bit more of, though?

bicep curls
So yeah, I've got my game face on tight. 

I'm getting heartburn, Tony, do something terrible. 
See you, Saturday. 

Up, up, up. 

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