Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A bromantic look into Dave and Kyle

If you read this blog then you know a few things.
1: Dave
2: Dave knows how to tell a story
3: Dave knows no idle
4: Dave had twins (again, knows no idle!)

Well...not as literally as Dave would lead you to believe. Which brings me to point #5
5: Dave is a liar

@Dave - Do you really expect me to believe there were two babies in there?!!!

My life: Some call it beautiful, some call it a train wreck. To be honest, I haven't thought for long enough to analyze it. Sometimes I evaluate my life based on the reactions and opinions of my friends. And I sure as hell ain't gonna hang around anyone who's got anything bad to say. Can you blame me? Which naturally draws me to Dave.

Thanks to Dave I've gone from living like this...

To living like this!

Dave and I have a history, a story that I'm sure Dave himself could put into better words. Dave's kindness doesn't show through just in special situations, you can see it when he's taking a bad line around you in an off camber switchback.. Even when I thought I had my shit together he was willing to risk, what could have been a Douthat trip ending injury, just to get that cabin unlocked.

Twins...not always an easy thing to handle, as Dave says himself. Despite motionless and paralyzing nesting that could never have prepared Dave for the cute, drooling, pants shitting, food fighting, life changes that were looming over his head...ok maybe not much is going to change for Dave but, he will have to get used to two babies doing those things rather then just himself. My main concern is selfish. Where do I fit into all of this?!!! Where do WE fit into all of this?!!! Come on!

Those kids better be ready to throw a few 'bows on the trails. Being spawn of Dave, I think it's only fair not to ease up. I hope they know what they're in for! Actually...I hope they don't know what they're in for! Maybe I can sneak this photo into a few of the family photo collages at the Tevendale house just to sub-conciously leave mixed messages about some looming muddy MTB showdown with Uncle Kyle (who is generally known for digging around the kitchen looking for something to eat and not blinking an eye at jars of baby food).

Nesting, nursery building and not sleeping. I'm going to miss Dave! Am I going to miss Dave?! I'm my experience, life changes have only brought us closer. And I do mean closer, like sleeping in a tent together for 4 days with a dog and the Maglia Rosa of 2011.

Has Dave's life changed? Yes. Has my life changed? Totally! Has anything changed on the "Dave and Kyle" front? No way! Kids or no kids, I'll always feel like I can roll up to the farm unannounced, eat all the gluten free food I can find, drink the dregs of the bottle of bourbon in the pantry, borrow a bike, throw some ball with Bender, nap on the couch, then leave my pond soaked chamois on the living room floor. Now...times that by two because, I'm bring my girl with me!

Sometime in late July:

(Kyle knocks on Dave's door unannounced)

Dave: What up, man?!

Kyle: Just out on a ride.

blah blah blah.... skiping over small talk

Dave: Where've you been? Haven't seen you in a while.

Kyle: I met a girl...

Dave: Oh yeah?! That's awesome.

Kyle: It's totally awesome!

telling Dave the story of us meeting and falling in love...

Kyle: ...and now she's in Europe for an undetermined amount of time.

Dave: When are you going!!!

Kyle: Uhhh...funny you ask because I just finished passport renewal paperwork and started looking at plane tickets.

Dave: I feel good about all of this! When are you going?!

Kyle: The end of August.

Dave immediately hands me an Italian/English dictionary and an Italy guide book.

The party just keeps getting better and better. Keep 'em comin' Dave!


  1. Excellent piece, Kyle! Glad to see the blog get back in business while all the babymaking has been going on.

  2. If you were a football player. you'd be Bro Namath