Thursday, September 8, 2011

A smattering of ideas with no unifying theme.

After the dust settled, the smoke cleared, and all of the stitches got put in, it would appear that BRC racing had a pretty good time at the SM100.
before stitches, bitches.

Full results over here. Of note, BRC up-and-comer Pemberton Heath ended up 17th in the women's field, but realistically, when you end up 17th at the SM100- you're no longer just an up and comer. You're pretty much right in the thick of things.

Getting away from the thick of things, however, and more over on the peripherique of the cycling world, which is where I like to be, let's dally into the mailbag, shall we?

First, as a follow up to a previously conceived, though perhaps undisclosed idea, the world is run by the people that show up. And even though I'm no longer one of those people, I still have a voice, and his name is Will.

From Will:
CAMBC has been involved with the "advisory committee" sessions that have led to this next and perhaps final "public" meeting. At the last committee meeting, the committee was "presented" the attached Concept Plan showing the approximate lay out of roads, trails, campground, staff housing, maintenance building ect. CAMBC feels the the roads, housing, camp grounds etc are in a good spot, old fields with scruffy growth, and decent soils for buildings. Our primary area of concern and interest is the proposed 10-12 miles of trail shown and the lack of neighborhood access points along the populated areas on the north side of the park. 
Full details here.

Yup.  Never underestimate the ability of a small group of people to come together and accomplish a big thing, then ride the living bejesus out of it.  Biscuit Run is an epic in the making, just a few loamy, singletrack moments from Downtown Fooftown.  Get involved, or at least dig when Will says dig.

Also from my voice in the legislative process/Will:
RE: Preddy Creek Trailwork, 9/8 and 9/10
Let's do a trailwork double header of sorts. All the rain means the trails aren't suitable to ride (mud= damage=bad name for mt bikers) and lots of folks have cabin fever.

First, Thursday we'll meet up at 5:30pm at the main parking area and work for about 2 hours on the advanced mt bike course
Then this Saturday, meet up 10 am, main parking area and work for 2-3 hours on the advanced course

That's today, Thursday, and Saturday, 2 days from now.  Find yourself a hoe Friday night, and let's do some digging at Preddy.  Conditions are pretty ideal right now for cutting a whole bunch of new hotness over there.

As for me, realizing I could probably make both days, taking all of this in and processing it at a slow, pre-10 AM manner, I naturally wrote a short email to Mr. Hiser to negotiate the terms of his surrender in the VORS Paydirt series. So far, 100% cooperation on his part, showing a level of maturity I didn't necessarily expect from such a fanatic who is so frequently armed with a lamberton rake.  But yeah, so far so good.

Anyway, on the subject of communications in general about what's going on in our local sub culture of lovin' on the dirt, if you're not on the CAMBC email list, get on it.

Almost lastly, former Fooftown all-star turned traitorous Rocktown all-star turned moved-out-west-and-played-with-salmon hippie, Nick Pence, has a new business, and it's running shit.

I picked up a pair of these myself, and in addition to my surprise at just how light they are, I'm also pretty amazed by just how quiet running can be.  And fun.  And slow.  And simple.  And what the hell, it's Nick after all.  Buy some sandals and maybe we can fund our hometown homeboy getting back on his bike.

Ditto that for Nolanpalooza down in NC.  Although, regrettably, there are no products to buy to support that effort, and it's far more dire.  Man overboard.

Flip 'er over and get yourself back on dry land, big guy.
Up, up, up.    

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