Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not an SM100 post

September rolled in gloomy with some pretty spectacular thunderstorms, something like a stretch between 2 AM and 9AM with booming thunder and doggie whimpers. I'm not really sure; I was mostly asleep while my insomniac, twice-pregnant wife fought off heartburn and our 90 lb border collie that both wanted to be in bed with us. Eventually, the sun came out, and like most rainstorms, tackiness followed close behind it.

So, we did what any family does at that point: gather your friends, regroup, and rally.

The hardtail. Officially not dead.

My wife (not pictured) kicks ass. Looking forward to the day we get to roll this loop again together. Not too soon, though.

I love late summer. The trees, weary as they are, seemed to have soaked up all the rain they could stuff themselves with, and now, like a two-chipotle day, they're drooping a little. There's some shame there, I can't lie for them, but also, tranquility in the last few days before the leaves start falling. And over on the new earthquake trail, they're falling already.

Tomorrow, the SM100 will roll out of Stokesville at about 6:30 AM, looking like a hot one with a good chance for storms. Plenty of BRC jerseys will toe the line and roll that loop, smile and frown some, certainly grimace from time to time, but I won't be one of them this time. No indeed, in my place will be my bro, our fearless leader, having not nearly the level of fitness he's had there in years past but making up for that in sheer enthusiasm to seize the day and roll a big loop in the mountains. 12 hour goal-talk has been going around like a case of the sandbagging-flu. Downright enjoyable. And besides, who needs fitness before November 5th anyway, that being the day Shawn becomes Shawn TevenDaleEarnhardt.

Because when it comes to rolling fast laps about 500 times, he's our guy.

Or you could bet your money on this guy.

Another person who won't toe the line in Stokesville tomorrow? KRod - Whose whereabouts and motivations, though both mysterious, can only be pure of heart. And, to back up that assertion, a mysterious two-word email just popped into the mailbag moments ago with only this link:

Yeah, it's a fairly long haul from there to Stokesville. So it's safe to say he won't roll through Aid 6 in under 6 hours tomorrow, despite considerable talent and potential to do so if he were, say, in the same country. But it's also a pretty safe bet to believe he's doing juuuuust fiiiiine right about now.

Lastly, our thoughts go out to BigJohn in Richmond this weekend. Keep your head up, up, up big guy. And an eye on the sky. Good folks are looking down, I know.

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