Friday, June 3, 2011

True Dreams

So a bunch of mountain bikers walk into a pizza joint.

And that's it. No joke, really, just a fact of everyday life for people like you and me. And, thematically because that's what mountain bikers DO, I recommend the mexican 'za. Do yourself a favor.

Anyway, let's get right to the good stuff. At our 17 week checkup yesterday, our ultrasound technician described Shan's belly as a "bunkbed." Hilarious. And yet, remarkably apt. Two healthy babies in there, one boy and one girl, sleeping all on top of each other like a slumber party. As The Rooster told me a few months ago, it's a slumber party every night. So I guess this is getting used to it.

And, as Kev29er is happy to testify, getting used to it is pretty great.
The secret sauce to a career of rocking Hilbert resides at the 29er house.

Plenty of other happenings happened in the merry month of May. For example, pinning it while wearing a bridal veil. Don't try this at home, kids.
Or like sneaking onto the podium at the Middle Mountain Mamma.
Or dropping out of society for four days and carrying on in one of the best Giro De Ville's on record.
Or like getting married and pinning it on a tandem at your reception.


Yeah, it was a good May. I'm undecided about how to possibly attempt to get June to compare, but I've got a Friday afternoon rally on my agenda here at the rancho relaxo, and I've got Mike Doughty on the brain for no real reason. So that's a start. Let's adjourn before the day gets away from me and I run out of time. But I'll leave you with True Dreams of Wichita:

Crank life up real loud sometimes; find your flow.
Happy Friday; up, up, up.

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