Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Super D on Super Tuesday for a Superman in the making

I'll be honest, I liked Danny O a lot better when I could push him around a little.  Remember that kid?  Gawky.  About 95 pounds soaking wet.  All grit.  A glimmer of talent, but really nothing to worry about.  I miss that kid.  

Even last year, I could still dominate a picture frame without him poking out too much from behind me.  But he was getting bigger, and the talent was starting to be a concern for me. 
 "This kid seems to be getting pretty fast.  I'd better keep up a steady regimen of insults and mockery lest he learns that he's really pretty damn great at riding bikes and starts kicking my ass."

For years, he's been 2nd place.  I've been very careful to always remind him of that.  Success builds confidence, and confidence builds wins, and I can't allow that.  In the super D, always 2nd.  2nd in a lot of brownie crits.  2nd in the VAHS race here on the farm even this year - his home turf.  Even the races he won, shoooooot, most of those were Duos with the esteemed and mighty Kev29er, who was clearly the real talent on the team - the Batman to Danny O's Robin.  

Editors note: My attempts at photoshopping a picture of Batman and Robin with Kev29er and DannyO's heads on them has run short on time.  But use your imagination.  Very funny.  Poor execution.  The story of my life.  However, if you feel you've got the photoshop skills for such an effort, by all means, submit it here and we'll have a collective laugh, notice how sultry Kev29er looks in a batman-skin suit, then awkwardly change the subject and move on like nothing happened.  

Currently, I'm pretty sure that photoshopping Danny O's head onto Robin's body and placing it on the public internet might actually still be illegal since he's only 17.  But that all ends today.  At the stroke of midnight, Danny O will reach adulthood, having won his first superD at 7 PM at BRS, and he'll likely head out west at that very moment, his work here on the East Coast with losers like us ultimately now too boring for someone with such talent.  We are all but pawns in his life, stepping stones he'll look back on and wonder why he didn't drop us sooner.  

But at least we'll have photoshop.  
And one last SuperD in the presence of greatness.  

7 PM.  BRS.  Today.  Down, down, down.

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  1. Nice use of various sized fonts, Dave. Oh, and that jersey that Danny has in picture #1 is currently hanging in Jasper's closet as a reminder that the next generation of young speedsters is poised to put the hurt on us.