Monday, January 17, 2011

The ups and the downs

Solid weekend. I rolled a fast 55 miles on the road on Saturday with the CRC crew, then I went out for 3.5 more hours of gravel action with the BRC crew on Sunday. I felt good. Beautiful weather. I did, admittedly, pull the plug a little early on Sunday in order to get home and watch some grown men in tight pants sweat and wrestle. Didn't matter. I was riding the early season fitness high pretty high.

Today? Supposed to be a rest day. But the rumor is rain for tomorrow, so why the hell not head out on the Monday Night Fo'Lakes ride for some swoopy, hand-manicured onetrack before things get goopy later this week. Just a little 1 hour spin. On the way there, I tossed in a little Modest Mouse from years ago, and Teeth Like God's Shoeshine is the first song on the disc. Get berserk.

Alternative shit. I've always thought the way the tone there bounces up and down is reflective of the ups and downs of endurance racing, which I've sometimes, especially right before dawn during a 24 hour race, thought is reflective of life itself. You can feel strong to start a race, sometime later feel worse than the puke on your own shoes, and inexplicably rebound an hour later and feel like superman again. The inconsistency boggles the mind.

So yeah, you might see where this is going. I bonked on the moderate, 1 hour night ride around Fo'Lakes. Had to stop and eat halfway through. Literally couldn't make it in. Then I cramped up before dinner, had to spend some time on the couch propped up in front of Sex in the City in order to right the ship. It was a weak showing. But metaphorically, and as a matter of karma, I found the experience pretty strong. Also further evidence that if you're reading this blog for training tips, you should instead consult the proper authorities.

But I've got your back when it comes to lessons in life and racing, kids, and here's one for today: ride the highs a little low, and the lows a little high. You never know what's right around the corner.

Let's have a brief dip in the mailbag:

From: Kev29er
To: BRC crew and others
Subject: Muffins in town.
My good friends Dangermuffin play the Southern on 10FEB. Spread the word. I'd like to get my boys a solid turnout.

Oh...hell...yes. You had me at muffins.

lesson # 2 - rock out as loud and as frequently as possible.

Also from the mailbag...

From: TedShred the 3rd (no relation to the original Ted Shred of Afton Mountain fame)
Subject: Iron Horse

Hope you had a good holiday season and 2011 is treating you well so far. I cracked my frame a few days ago and seeing that Iron Horse is out of business...I was wondering if you know anyone selling a large frame or maybe even a complete, well maintained bike. If you wouldn't mind keeping your ear to the ground for me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch! Cheers, Ted Shred the 3rd

Congrats, Shred. And welcome to the club. Bikes are sort of like electric guitars. If you're not smashing them, you're not rocking. Someone help Mr. Shred out before he breaks out the torch and burns off a digit.

Other things that could probably use your attention:

1) Spin class. For God's sake, you look like a beached whale. Pull yourself together, dust off your trainer, and be at BRC on Wednesday at 7 PM.

2) If you're an SVBC member, your membership likely expired on December 31st. Time to buy back in and gamble on the fact that you'll make it to Massanutten to ride the glorious, private singletrack more than twice this year. And while you're at it, check out your CAMBC, CAMBO, BOA, or whatever offroad membership you might have dutifully subscribed to once upon a time and then forgotten about.

3) On the subject of the other side, you might think about getting your smoove on with the white, fluffy stuff. Or the sort of off-blue, icy-gray stuff, depending on the day. What I'm trying to say is that Massanutten mountain is open for skiing, and if you're there between 4 PM and 9 PM on Mondays, you're helping SVBC build and maintain some of the finest action that side of the other side. A very modest amount of detail can be found here:

4) Lean over before you fall asleep tonight and make sure that person next to you that's tolerating the incorrigible addiction to riding and bikes that you've developed knows that you love them. Up or down, they're with you.

5) Stay tuned. And by tuned, I mean, dowhatchoogottado, but check back once before Friday. Rest a little. I've got plans.

up, up, up.

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