Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Make America Late Again

On a 60 minute lunch break, it took me 40 minutes to ride my bike to the local elementary school, stand in line, vote the shit out of that place, and ride home.  Leaving me only 20 minutes to shred the local goods along the way.  

I made the sacrifice.  The shredding, that is, not the voting.  The voting part is not an option.  

20 minutes of trail, though, and nothing mattered any more.  
Puts me together every time.  I even stretched it, took a bonus 10 minutes, just to savor the effect.  

Whoever we elected president today has a big job in front of them - putting these two enormous, divided shitpiles of a population back together again.  

It occurs to me that a requisite, daily, 20 minute shred might go a long way.  

Make your kids late to practice.  Make your customer wait for the meeting.  Eat dinner cold.  Do what you have to do.  
Make America Late Again.  But get that shit out of your system.  

Heal up, Country.  We need us.  

Up, up, up.  

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