Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Miller School - Conquer the Hill

The Miller School trail system: Amazing.  Young.  Great moves.  Picturesque.  Smooth as silk.

If Justin Timberlake were a privately-maintained, machine-built, flow trail system and you could ride him, he'd be Miller School.  That place is insanely well built, immaculately maintained, and it's only getting better.

Kev29er has been bugging me to get out there and ride for about 18 months, and I just kept failing to actually get there.  Finally, last night I made it there after TNW and got in a night ride.  Wowsa.  The things you can do with a ditch witch, some dirt-savvy, and an army of hoe-equipped, forced child labor.  Some of the berms, upon first look, don't even make any sense - but then you ride them and you realize that, actually, you CAN make a berm that steep on that angle and absolutely rip it.  Was I inverted back there?  Jesus.

And those stunts.  Gigantic wooden wall rides.  Totters.  Not to sound like a grumpy old man here, but back in my day, the only use we had for that kind of wood on the trails was to build a fire to keep our cantilever-brake-pumped hands warm and to thaw out our numb, thudbuster-beaten crotches into some semblance of forward progress.  And now?  Just look at this place.  6-inch travel 25 lb bikes with disc brakes that pedal like a hardtail, but you've built the berms so high that you don't actually have to touch the brakes anyway.  I could go on and on...Basically, you kids have no idea how good you have it, and that's a good thing.

Conquer the Hill, the upcoming race and a fundraiser to keep the good stuff growing, is April 16th.  A 4 hour enduro-ance contest to see who can pull the most g's for the longest and not get the bends.  Do It.

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Praise Justin Timerblake.

Up, up, up.