Monday, January 18, 2016


First, this:
Return of the MAC?  Or Still the MAC.  You decide.  

Moving on, briefly, from my amateur photoshopping skills (but never for long), let's look at the weather.

Forecast for Friday through the weekend says 20" of snow via a Nor'Easter that is neither hitting the north nor is it actually occurring on Easter.  But directionally speaking, and by character, it's packing enough wallop to bury Pantani in snow up to his very ears.  Like The Stelvio.  Like addiction.  But better to get that out of the way now, I suppose, than later.

Also a forecast, also Pantani relevant, also disheartening - Quadsworth ain't coming.
Sad but True.  He got called up from the minors to race legit pro level shit at the 24 hours of Old Pueblo out in AZ that very same day.  He's the 5th man on a 5-man pro team racing for Pivot Cycles. Never mind, for a moment, what kind of universe we live in where Quadsworth is the #5 man, and an alternate at that.  But good for him and good for Pivot to turn the 'stache loose in the desert and see what happens.

My advice in that scenario?  Don't pass.  That's how Kobe made it big.  Just keep coming through hot, keep the baton tucked in your shorts, and tell those bitches to sit back and drink some water - it gets hot in the desert.  You'll be big time in no time.

What does that do for the Pantani dynamic, and for that matter, Calf vs. Quad?  Well, it's a different race without Gordon, of course.  But is he justified/required to send a proxy to race on his behalf?  And if Will trounces said proxy, will there always be an asterisk in the trophy case?  These are all questions that we in the sporting press are not yet prepared to address, as the shock of the whole thing is still sort of sinking in.

Whatever it may be, and whatever lurks around the corner - be it Pantani, Arizona, or just your run of the mill January malaise, I say get out and get after it while the gettin' is still good.

Up, up, up.

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