Friday, June 5, 2015

Wadsworths (Plural)

So, I stumbled upon this.
An imposter Wadsworth?
As you can imagine, upon seeing this website, I was like "who the fuck is this clown?"  

Seriously.  Some punk bitch claiming to be a Wadsworth, and he's - gasp - a runner? Oh HELL no.  There can only be one.  It's like Highlander, but with enormous legs.
Then, upon closer inspection, I discovered, wait, this clown can ride.  He finished Dirty Kanza this year (in a total mudfest) in 14:24.  By my rationale then, he's no punk bitch.  

Then, to compound my confusion, I saw how our Wadsworth got hosed down by his own gears at Mohican, and holy shit, it's like I don't even know who I am anymore.  The world no longer makes sense.  

So, fuck it...I say let's let 'em fight it out to see who is the real Wad. 

So I sent this dude an email pretty much proposing just that.  I was nice about it.  Respectful.  I may have made up the part about Gordon calling him a complete no-talent buttfuck, but I stand behind that decision as I want to drive this to a speedy conclusion.  I just gotta know.  

May the best Wad win.

As a devoted member of the media, I will keep you, the masses, apprised of Nathan's response.  

Up, up, up.  

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