Monday, December 15, 2014

Mute everything that does not matter. Amplify the rest.

I ride at night because that's when everything stops.  The rat race.  Sales Quotas.  Questions about taxes.  All of that stuff freezes after dark for a little while, along with the trails, and in a way so does time itself.  Out there in the night, through the remarkable, enormous silence that the world is capable of only at night, and with a clear view of the milky way, there is very little present tense.  There's memory, sure, and the future too, but it's all muted, spread out below you in the distance in reasonable perspective.

The break from it all is vital.

Three things I'm going to do in 2015:

#1:  Before I do anything else, delete every app on my phone that isn't actually making me happier.

#2:  Spend more time riding in Greene County at night.  Up high, night or day, looking back this way.  Reality is better understood after hours it turns out, and it helps to be far away.

#3:  After listening to their hard work for 12 years, finally go see The Hold Steady at a live show.  You only have so many chances.

But also, it is never too late.

Up, up, up.

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