Monday, April 28, 2014

May Day Night Ride

This Thursday is May Day, May 1, and it happens to be my birthday.  I'll somehow, through no talent of my own, have amassed 3 dozen years on this planet and survived.  Just goes to show that natural selection is really not even a thing anymore.  

On that subject, a big night ride is most certainly on for Thursday night as long as whatever this weather pattern we're about to observe in the next 3 days doesn't wash us out into The Atlantic Ocean. Which appears to be 50/50.  I like those odds.  

Shooting for some action on the mountain, weather and trail dependent.  Likely a 3,000 foot climb or so, beers and birthday cake at the top, and then a long descent back to reality.  Meeting somewhere near Blue Ridge School at 8 PM.  2.5 hours, I'm guessing, though if you lack the legs you could easily sneak out with less.   But, as Tesla professed, you gotta have the heart.

Let me know if you're in and I'll get you the coordinates.  

The clock only runs one way: up.  

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