Saturday, February 8, 2014

All clear atop the mighty fox

I took a little spin out to the top of Fox Mountain this morning, as I have many times before on Pantani eve - to check the course conditions and set some snares- and I can report back that things are in good shape.  No snow, no ice, nothing.  I'll admit, there were flurries.  But nothing that would make you think "hey, I shouldn't ride the Pantani Route tomorrow."

Even better, the no dumping sign at the summit of the Fox's first peak seems to be gone.  So I'm assuming it's OK to poop here now, if necessary.
The sign and the sun, both missing.  
It occurred to me, while rolling around sort of aimlessly and pondering the state of the economy or whatever, that a person seeking the Fox Mountain KOM might not be clear about which Foxy peak is actually the KOM point.  To clear that up: it's the second one (of two, the fox has two ears.)  If it helps to visualize it, picture the Fox facing north (and likely singing his very heart out) and the proper KOM ear is the left one.

Conditions west of there?  I can't really say.  It's a different world back there, and I actually haven't been up Brokenback in a couple weeks because, as you might have heard, it's a miserable climb.  But rumor has it that the pop is in decent shape, and ready for a record to be set.  

That's all I can do for you.

Upwards, and so forth.

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