Monday, July 23, 2012

Why are my armpits burning?

Sitting on a trainer gives one time to think.  Sometimes its productive, sometimes its spent overanalyzing.  I think I can speak with some relevant expertise on trainer riding now.  I’ve been doing so for over a month since Summer of Toph 3.0 Spawn of Toph began.  Around 8:30am my son goes down for his first nap, and blam-o, I’ve got about an hour to ride.  I’m proud of myself; I push it pretty hard, usually five days a week.  I think a lot of people in this situation would just sit on the couch and get fat.  I hope it pays off down the road and it will; for I shall return to my reign, and crush thine enemies under wheel!!!  

With all this time to think, I still haven’t come up with the plan that allows me to restructure my financial portfolio so that I can purchase this. I don’t know if portfolio is the right word for a teacher’s salary…maybe envelope or sticky note would work better.  Anyway.  The second I got my paws on the handmade frame over at Oskar Blues HQ, done. 
That’s Dale, as in Dale’s Pale Ale (Yup, the fine people who create tasty beer also make beautiful bike frames.)

My mom still struggles to navigate a camera phone…and YES I always try to take my mom to the brewery!  On a side note, it’s not everyday you can pop into someone’s job and they are as hospitable as the fine folks over in Longmont, CO are.  Or willing to put up with my antics.

Duly noted, will do, bro.


7 samples in 5mins.  Put that on your STRAVA site.

So it’s Monday, and I’ve gotta come up with a plan.  Paranormal is roughly three months away, I gotta get in better shape too.  Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Dude, that's quite a road trip. And you met Dale. So jealous...