Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yeah, it's like that around here. 
But since Memorial Day weekend is rolling in faster than all these thunderstorms, it would seem no one is really hanging around town to figure if Coleman could use those guns to also make the Rivanna trail stop.  And that's probably OK.  The world will have to wonder. 
It's Thursday.  Chances are that if you read this blog at work, you're currently dreaming of victory at the Burn, Giro D'Ville Glory, or some kind of long, slog of a road ride before the heat sets in on Saturday and summer is finally, yet unofficially, here. 
Some meantime entertainment:
"Strength in numbers" will fire up on the Trek website at about 3 PM:
Those of you familiar with Incredibox, there is now incredibox 2.0. 
Those unfamiliar, prepare to re-prioritize a significant portion of your otherwise outdoorsy weekend in favor of finding your own, perfect jam. 

In summary, work is cancelled today due to dreams of racing grandeur and hours of entertainment.
Make it a hot one.  Make it a good one. 
That is, if you still remember how. 
Up, up, up.

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  1. BRC had a great time at BURN. Definitely a hot weekend.