Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shawn's Magical Mystery Tour

Planning a ride is a science. Mostly I overlook this process because my focus is on the endgame: the ride. When you think about it this is how a ride develops, evolves:

1)You or the other person throws out the idea, the general amount of time the ride will take is stated, maybe a distance you want to accomplish, or possibly a obstacle to overcome.
2) the other person states whether they are in or out.

Lets stop here, for discussion. This process is usually done via the world wide web. Its easier to turn down the possibility of pain, sweat and tears with the simple push of a button. Truly a sad state of affairs. But that’s a topic for a different day.

3) With the in or out response may come some negotiation about the ride -maybe we should add 10 or so miles, maybe we should shorten the ride, lets put in a climb, etc. You’ve done this before, you know what I’m talking about.
4) Other people are added to the ride, rally points are discussed, others respond, finally
5) A time is set, a route is known, participants are accounted for.

I feel this is a pretty good dissection of how a ride comes to be.

And then there is the planning of a ride with Shawn.

Here is the conversation from last night:
Toph: So Kyle, when do you wanna ride tomorrow?
Kyle: Well, we…
Shawn (Interjecting): We leave from the shop at 4.
*Let the record show Shawn had no involvement in this ride up to this point
Toph (looking at Kyle, but talking to Shawn): So where are we going?
Shawn: Out.
Toph: Uh, about how far do you wanna go?
Shawn (shaking one hand): Neeee
Toph: Well, how long are we riding for?
Shawn: Maybe 1 hour, Maybe 2, Maybe 3…..Maybe 4.
*And with the threat of that 4th hour Shawn makes direct eye contact with me and simultaneously as the words “Maybe 4” are partially whispered in my direction I notice 1 eyebrow twitches.

And that’s what makes you wonder about this dude, but tells you everything you need to know. 18 Hours Scouts Honor, I get it. Return to endurance racing can start tomorrow. Topher, you can come along if you want to you.

Toph: Ok, maybe 2,3, or 4…
Jenny: Toph, you can always turn back when you want to. There will be plenty of spots to head back to town.
*Nothing tells you a marriage is air tight as finishing your partner’s sentences.

It’s about 2 as I write. Drink some water, eat something healthy, ride leaves from the shop at 4.

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